What do we do.

We partner with organizations to help them make better decisions. And I don’t mean this in a superficial way. We’re coaching executives. We’re helping them build amazing analytics talent. We teach everyone how to think with data and bring about fact-based change. When organizations don’t have the talent they want or need to do the work that is required for change we directly manage and support analytical tool development. We’re even building our own go-to-market tools for our customers in CPG, retail, and healthcare.

Who we’ll be.

We are – and will continue to hire – individuals deeply connected to their respective analytics communities. We will have a team that is constantly sharpening their craft by collaborating at- and outside of work. We’ll be a mix of full-time employees and subcontractors. And our team will be obsessive over the quality of our product. We won’t just be the best and brightest of today. We’ll foster talent from within and build high quality talent from un-explored talent pools. Our team will be authentic, curious, and intellectually humble. We’ll have fun, make extra effort to build and celebrate a diverse workforce, and have an amazing work family.

Why we’re different.

We’re in an extremely different technological landscape than we were three years ago. Large on-shore consulting firms are shifting their focus to AI and ignoring that decisions are still left in the hands of often underskilled analysts. They assume what they are seeing in tech-forward cities is permeating throughout the rest of the country and world. It’s just not. And while AI is experiencing a renaissance, organizations can’t truly move forward until their rank-and-file have adept analytical skill. That’s where we are committed.

There are some consulting companies still invested in analytics, but they lack quality throughout their organizations to meaningfully support clients. We hear one story over-and-over: someone hires an on-shore/off-shore consulting firm with name recognition to support the development of their backlog–a laundry list of reports needed to be developed. The products returned are low quality, take too long to develop, and don’t perform well. And while the reports are exactly what they are asking for, they oddly are not helpful. This is where having high-caliber talent can make a huge difference: we develop higher quality, performant solutions faster. We ask questions and understand their needs and use our experience to develop analytic products that go beyond initial requirements gathering.


Wrapping it up.

You know what: We want to be small. Because we want to maintain strong relationships across the organization. Because we want to have people who are extremely passionate and produce the highest quality work and are fun. Because we’re just figuring everything out and we want people who are attracted to the newness of it all. Because we strive for change at clients and in our communities in a variety of approaches. This means we’ll grow methodically; we’ll develop strong relationship with clients and technology partners; we’ll constantly be learning and sharing our view of the analytics landscape; and if all goes as planned: we’ll all leave a lasting impact.

So here’s the deal: we’ve got clients who want more of what I just described so that means we are hiring! We’ve got a few roles open so if you are interested–or you know someone who might be interested–please submit that information on our website and also reach out to me. If you are contractor, I’d love to hear from you to find a way to partner! Fair warning: there is going to be some travel required depending on the client. We’re looking forward to building an amazing team – so come join us!

Join our Team!

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