Congratulations to Luke Stanke for becoming a 2019 Tableau Zen Master!

I am excited to announce that my Tessellation co-founder and friend Luke Stanke has become a Tableau Zen Master. It is a well deserved recognition for all of the contributions Luke has made to the data visualization and analytics community. Luke is one of the best mentors that anyone could hope to have. He challenges everyone around him to be better, whether they be his peers, proteges, or clients. Luke is an invaluable asset to our community.

Luke has been developing high-end, scalable data science and data visualization solutions for more than a dozen years. His innovative approach to visual analytics distills complex data into easy to understand, actionable data products.

Luke is a teacher at heart and has trained more than one thousand global users on how to analyze their data using Tableau. He is also a Tableau Social Ambassador, co-host of the #AnalyticsPodcast with Zen Master Ann Jackson, and has participated in the last nine Tableau IronViz Global feeder competitions

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