Managing User Feedback

Managing User Feedback Performing technically is only part of the battle of professional dashboard building; another important piece is managing user feedback. The goal is to have the dashboards be as efficient and useful as possible and gathering input can … Read More

A Beginners Tableau Tutorial: How to Get Started

A Beginners Tableau Tutorial: How to Get Started Are you thinking of getting started with Tableau? Maybe people at your organization have already been using Tableau and you’ve recently been encouraged to get on board. Or perhaps you are looking … Read More

How to Build a Ranked Small Multiple Bar Chart in Tableau

How to Build a Ranked Small Multiple Bar Chart in Tableau I like big bar charts…and I can not lie.  Thank you to all three of you who laughed at my corny joke. But for real, I think bar charts … Read More

Dynamic Rows and Columns in Tableau

Dynamic Rows & Columns in Tableau Recently Luke Stanke and myself held a webinar discussing some cool ways to enhance P&L statements and other financial reporting. This blog post contains detailed instructions on how to use some of the techniques … Read More

Underrated Tableau Features

Underrated Tableau Features There are a lot of resources available to read about the shining stars of Tableau, the showstoppers. This is not that blog. This is the blog for the underdogs, the little things that people often overlook that … Read More

Beyond Dual Axis: Using Multiple Map Layers to create next-level visualizations in Tableau

Beyond Dual Axis: How to Use Map Layers in Tableau 2020.4 to Build Next-Level Visualizations Tableau’s 2020.4 will be its boldest release yet. And while many people are sleeping on the release, a few people have already started to realize … Read More

Mapping Lines with Endpoints in Tableau

Mapping Lines with Endpoints in Tableau Tableau offers its users a vast array of geospatial tools for mapping and other geospatial analysis including buffer calcs, distance calculations, and the ability to drill down into different levels of geospatial granularity with a click of the … Read More

KPI Design Ideas for Tableau

KPI Design Ideas Here are 15 ideas and sources of inspiration for designing your KPIs for Tableau For a very long while I’ve been collecting KPI design ideas. Specifically, I wanted to include. For all the examples I am using … Read More

Tableau Isotype Plots

Isotype Plots in Tableau What are Isotype Plots? Isotype plots are a blend of visual language that emphasizes quantitative data with symbolism that is often associated with descriptive imagery. If you wanted to simplify it its very similar to a … Read More

Tableau Regression Models

Regression Models in Tableau Tableau recently released the MODEL_QUANTILE() and MODEL_PERCENTILE() functions in Tableau Desktop 2020.3. These are game-changing for Tableau. They finally put regression output directly in the hands of Tableau developers. Specifically, MODEL_QUANTILE() allows any creator to calculate … Read More