Six Uses for a Transparent Shape in Tableau

Six Uses for Transparent Shapes in Tableau Sometimes you need to include custom shapes for your visualizations. One useful trick in Tableau is including a completely transparent, single-pixel image as a shape on dashboards and worksheets. This shape is extremely … Read More

Five Ways to Communicate Data When the Stakes Are High

Creating clear visualizations when time is scarce. The keys are to move quickly, add context, don’t get fancy, avoid baseless information and get feedback. … Read More

How to Plan a Successful Tableau Server Upgrade

How to Plan a Successful Tableau Server Upgrade For Tableau Users, new releases offer exciting features and new possibilities. For Admins, upgrades can often feel like a step into the unknown that brings about many questions: How much downtime will … Read More

In My Opinion: Tableau 2019.1 Release

In My Opinion: Tableau 2019.1 Release With the the release of Tableau 2019.1 the team got together and shared its favorite new functionalities. Here’s what we think: Luke: Ask Data, Export to Powerpoint I’ve been a skeptic of Ask Data … Read More

Logistic Map

Logistic Map When people think of dashboards and data visualizations, they often conjure images of business dashboards; bar charts showing sales, quarterly revenue trends, and so on. Visual storytelling is so much more than that. Data visualizations can be about … Read More

Sample Superstore

Sample Superstore Every installation of Tableau comes preloaded with a data set called Sample Superstore. Virtually everybody that has ever used Tableau has seen and used this data. In our visualization of the Superstore data set, we took a look … Read More

A Tool to Compare Data Stream Variances

A Tool to Compare Variances Across Data Streams As consultants, we regularly have to deal with unique problems. Every industry, company, and internal unit has their own unique data, needs, and questions. Conversely, similar questions arise regardless of who the … Read More

Tableau Fringe Festival – Date Fields

A Better Way to Learn (and Teach!) Date Fields in Tableau The Tableau Fringe Festival is an online conference where members of the Tableau community can gather to share their knowledge with their peers. If you miss the presentations live, … Read More

Chart Talk! Building Bar Charts

Chart Talk! Bar Charts In this edition of Chart Talk!, we want to discuss bar charts. Bar charts are the classic data visualization – simple to create, and virtually anybody can interpret one’s meaning rapidly. The first modern bar chart, published … Read More

Chart Talk! Small Multiples

Chart Talk! Small Multiples Chart Talk! is a series of posts exploring when and how to use different charts and design principles, primarily in Tableau (although general principles can be applied anywhere). In this series we will discuss appropriate use cases … Read More