Creating a Measures Table in Power BI

Creating a Measures Table in Power BI When navigating through your data model in Power BI Desktop, it’s easy to get lost, especially if you have a data model with several tables and a multitude of measures. In order to … Read More

3 Reasons Why You Should Change Careers into Data Analytics in 2021

At this point in your career, I’m guessing you are probably curious about the world of data analytics. Perhaps you feel stuck in your current job during the pandemic and want to know how feasible a career switch into data analytics is. … Read More


Alteryx 2021.1

Alteryx 2021.1 What’s New?   In the following, we’ll examine some of our favorite features that in the newest release of Alteryx – let’s get into it!  Power to the Process in 2021.1 We have our first NEW release of … Read More

Import v Direct Query: Here’s What You Need to Know

Import v Direct Query: Here’s What You Need to Know One of the first things any Power BI developer needs to know is whether to check that Import or Direct Query box while connecting to data in Power BI Desktop. … Read More

Using the Optimization Tool in Alteryx

Using the Optimization Tool in Alteryx As any user can attest, Alteryx is a fantastic and powerful tool. With well over 100 pre-built tools you can quickly and easily clean messy data, perform calculations, or analyze spatial information. Because Alteryx … Read More

Managing User Feedback

Managing User Feedback Performing technically is only part of the battle of professional dashboard building; another important piece is managing user feedback. The goal is to have the dashboards be as efficient and useful as possible and gathering input can … Read More

A Beginners Tableau Tutorial: How to Get Started

A Beginners Tableau Tutorial: How to Get Started Are you thinking of getting started with Tableau? Maybe people at your organization have already been using Tableau and you’ve recently been encouraged to get on board. Or perhaps you are looking … Read More

Dynamic Rows and Columns in Tableau

Dynamic Rows & Columns in Tableau Recently Luke Stanke and myself held a webinar discussing some cool ways to enhance P&L statements and other financial reporting. This blog post contains detailed instructions on how to use some of the techniques … Read More

Sentiment Analysis word cloud

Code-free Sentiment Analysis for Business

What is Sentiment Analysis? “This is the worst!” cried Reginald. Cynthia, his long-time business partner, hurried into the room. “Is everything alright?” she asked. Reginald, usually an exuberant man, sighed and said “we lost the Smithfield account. I don’t know … Read More

YTD Flags in Power Query

YTD Flags in Power Query Dates tables are an integral part of any comprehensive data model. Dates tables allow you to normalize a variety of different date fields and perform calculations and filtering on all of those different fields at … Read More