Web Scraping in Power BI

Web Scraping in Power BI Scraping data from a website in Power BI is SO EASY. Let me say it one more time. Grabbing data from a website’s HTML in Power BI is so ridiculously easy it’ll make you mad. … Read More

Tips from the team: Data product design

Tips from the Team: Data Product Design Emphasize data, de-emphsize non data elements (Alicia) When I design dashboards I make sure to either de-emphasize or remove any of the non-data elements that are cluttering the dashboard. This can include borders, … Read More

Logistic Map

Logistic Map When people think of dashboards and data visualizations, they often conjure images of business dashboards; bar charts showing sales, quarterly revenue trends, and so on. Visual storytelling is so much more than that. Data visualizations can be about … Read More

Sample Superstore

Sample Superstore Every installation of Tableau comes preloaded with a data set called Sample Superstore. Virtually everybody that has ever used Tableau has seen and used this data. In our visualization of the Superstore data set, we took a look … Read More

A Tool to Compare Data Stream Variances

A Tool to Compare Variances Across Data Streams As consultants, we regularly have to deal with unique problems. Every industry, company, and internal unit has their own unique data, needs, and questions. Conversely, similar questions arise regardless of who the … Read More