First (Hopefully Annual) Snowflake / Tableau Hackathon

This past Wednesday, Tessellation / Data Coach partnered with the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota to host a hackathon event, using Snowflake and Tableau as the core tools. Around 50 Master in Business Analytics students from the university attended and competed in the event.

This group, as a whole, was brand new to Snowflake and had only moderate experience in Tableau. By the end of the day, each group mastered the basics in Snowflake and fed that into some awesome Tableau dashboards of their creation.

The Tessellation team was very impressed by the dashboards the teams created. Given a very short time frame and limited experience, each group created insightful analysis around the given data set (LA Restaurant Violations).

Nine teams competed, but only one could win.

And the Winner Is...

Our winners were:
  • Anupam Shandilya
  • Mohammed Saad Ahmad
  • Yusha Wang

Paired with great analytical insight, this group had hands down the best designed dashboard of the day. In addition to design, the employed great storytelling and tied it to current events. Well done!

Let's See Their Dashboard


In the event of COVID, the LA state government wants to drive compliance to health and safety standards and prevent the spread of the pandemic. So they are commissioning the dashboard in order to take systemic policy decisions as well as initiate interventions with facilities with the highest risk.


Create an executive leadership view.

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