Month End Close Processing

Month End Close Processing

Bring your householding process in-house with Alteryx


A regional bank was frustrated with the amount of time it took to process their household reporting every month end. It cost 100K a year to send their own data to a third party, which eventually gave back household reporting. There was little understanding into the underlying process, and it often delayed month end close.


Use Alteryx to take this process in-house by using its Experian Data package. Furthermore, create more up-to-date reporting around households at the bank. Create performance by period against plan and last year, with corresponding drillable detail reporting.




Decreased month-end close processing by four days while simultaneously saving the department 70K in third-party vendor costs. 


Furthermore, the process itself was finally easy to explain to anyone, and the resulting analytics could be shared quickly, easily and in a centralized location for the C-Suite, marketers, and business.

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