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Mastering Business Analytics Across Industries: A Journey to Tessellation

Welcome to our “Journey to Tessellation” series, in which we are sharing the exciting, unconventional, and innovative career paths behind our entire team of consultants. Read on to discover how Jacob Blizzard, one of our newest consultants, developed his business analytics skills and Tableau expertise over the years.

My data story starts as a sophomore in college at my first internship. I worked at a manufacturing company in rural Ohio as a quality engineering intern. It was here that I was first exposed to the wonders of using data and analytics to improve processes and make faster and more informed decisions.

Throughout college I held various internships across many different industries, but the common link was always that the role revolved around data and analytics. These various jobs are the reason why I fell in love with data and analytics.

As a fierce advocate for continual education, I was hungry for knowledge and wanted to keep expanding my data skills. I thought what better place to start than how many begin their journey into the data and analytics realm: by learning Tableau.

I first started using Tableau back in 2016 and haven’t looked back since. As for a more formalized approach to continuing education, I made it my goal to get my Master’s in Business Analytics once I finished my undergraduate degree. I am proud to say that in May 2019, I graduated from the University of Cincinnati with my Master’s in Business Analytics.

During my time in the M.S. program I learned skills such as probability & statistics, supervised & unsupervised learning, & the programming language of R. I also learned a lot in the way of problem solving and how to approach problems from a variety of perspectives.

Since graduating, I have worked in the consulting industry. I have led Tableau development projects in a variety of nationwide companies in industries, such as Telecommunications, Retail, and Food & Beverage.

One of the many factors that drew me to Tessellation is their Data Coach learning platform. As previously mentioned, I love learning and education and truly believe in the mission and vision of Data Coach with how it can impact those who utilize it. I wish I had the opportunity during my early career to study data analytics through Data Coach.

Another huge reason why Tessellation is appealing is because of the amazing talent of everyone who works at the company. Not only does the team include some well-known names across different technologies, but every single person at Tessellation is highly knowledgeable in their own regard. What better way to continue growing than to surround myself with those people. I’m honored to join the Tessellation team as a data analytics consultant.

About Jacob Blizzard

Jacob is passionate about all things data. He never backs down from a challenge, loves solving puzzles, and is an advocate of continuous education. He also lives by the saying “there is always room for improvement” in both his personal and professional life. 


As a consultant at Tessellation, Jacob helps enable clients to make timely, informed decisions using data as the foundation for the decision making process.

About Tessellation

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