My Journey to Tessellation: Marin Baltes

“But… I don’t come from a data background.” That is what I used to think to myself when I started to consider joining an organization of industry experts focused on delivering the best in analytics. Since I wasn’t formally trained in data, my assumption had been that working in the field didn’t align with my experience. What I quickly learned is just because I didn’t have the traditional analytics background didn’t mean I was somehow separated from what I’ve always considered to be the “data world”.

The reality is that most of us are intimately involved with data in one way or another, regardless of our job. Whether it’s designing a CRM system, optimizing marketing tools, combing through financials, tracking user experience on the web, or managing software development, just about everything I’ve done in my career has required me to work with and pull insights from data. Like many naturally analytical people, I started by self-teaching myself advanced ways of using tools like Excel, and for a long time considered myself to be an Excel ninja (but eventually realized with the talent surrounding me at Tessellation I was more like a recently graduated yellow belt).

I came to Tessellation because I love to learn. I’ve worked in a number of different industries, making a career change from construction management to consulting after getting my Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering in 2014. That program helped me learn how to learn better, using processes as ways to understand complex systems. It also taught me that the people side of an organization can be just as complicated as its technology. I’ve found myself most gratified in work where I can combine my interests in optimizing processes while understanding the importance of how changes impact people and their jobs. At Tessellation my aim is to help provide support to our team of consultants in a way that helps them be the most successful at delivering best-in-class work to our clients.

“Marin the Builder”

MSISyE at the University of Minnesota

I also came to Tessellation to help build something from the ground up with a group of passionate, enterprising people. I am constantly impressed by the skills brought to the table, and by the different ways they think and solve problems. I find myself lucky to be part of such a great team!

In my spare time I enjoy traveling, yoga, honing my construction skills on home improvement projects, and spending time adventuring with my boys: my husband Sam, my son James, and my rescue dog Bandit.

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