Live Stream: Taking The Guesswork Out of Sales Forecasting

February 16th, 2020,

In this webinar, you will learn how to leverage cutting-edge data science techniques to create a powerful and accurate forecast to help with business planning. 

Optimize your sales forecasting process and you can potentially save thousands, if not millions, of dollars! Join our seasoned data scientist,
Elizabeth Dinevski, as she shows you how to create a powerful, accurate, and sustainable sales forecast using the FBProphet package in Python.

During the 1-hour webinar, we will discuss:

  • Common business performance gaps and their data science solutions
  • The key elements of forecasting
  • FBProphet Package in Python
  • Business outcomes of a successful forecast
  • Additional applications of forecasting

Ready to learn how to unlock the potential of predictive analytics to better drive business performance and influence strategic decisions?

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About the Speaker: Elizabeth Dinevski

Elizabeth Dinevski

Elizabeth Dinevski is a Principal Consultant and the Data Science Lead at Tessellation.

Over the past five years, Elizabeth has championed data and analytics in banking, government, technology, and the consumer packaged goods industry. She brings a wealth of knowledge in data science to Tessellation.

Elizabeth drives analytics strategy, helping teams leverage technology to make data-driven decisions. She specializes in performance management, supply chain optimization, and marketing analysis.

From data engineering and modeling to interactive dashboards and visualizations, Elizabeth can transform raw data into actionable analytics. She prides herself on making interactive dashboards and stunning visualizations in Tableau.

As the Data Science Lead for Tessellation, Elizabeth specializes in helping clients achieve their performance goals by leveraging analytical tools and data science solutions.

About Tessellation

We are a modern analytics consultancy. We enable and manage organizations’ analytics and self-service teams by educating people, optimizing technology, developing world-class products, and providing sustainable results. Curious to know how we can level up your organization’s analytics? Click here!

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