Live Stream- MLOps Explained: Turn Data Science Models into Sustainable, Scalable Solutions

Recorded on Thursday, April 26th, 2021
9am PST | 11pm CST | 12pm EST

During this one-hour webinar, learn how to future-proof your data science solutions by improving your machine learning operations (MLOps) with Data Science Lead, Elizabeth Dinevski.

Machine learning operations (MLOps) provides critical capabilities to deploy, monitor, manage, and govern machine learning in production. In essence, MLOps helps you unleash more sustainable, scalable, and future-proof data science solutions. Learning how to harness the potentials of MLOps is arguably essential, not only for data scientists but for IT managers and CIOs alike.

During this one-hour webinar, Data Science Lead, Elizabeth Dinevski will guide your through MLOps in great detail and also cover:

  • The data science solution development cycle
  • Common challenges for building long-lasting data science solutions
  • Best practices when moving models into production, regardless of cloud application (AWS, Azure)
  • An innovative approach to MLOps: Push to Prod

Watch the Recording

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About the Speaker: Elizabeth Dinevski

Elizabeth Dinevski

Over the past five years, Elizabeth Dinevski has championed data and analytics in banking, government, technology, and the consumer packaged goods industry. She brings a wealth of knowledge in data science to the analytics community.

Elizabeth drives business intelligence strategy, helping teams leverage technology to make data-driven decisions. She specializes in performance management, supply chain optimization, and marketing analysis.

From data engineering and modeling to interactive dashboards and visualizations, Elizabeth can transform raw data into actionable analytics. She prides herself on making interactive dashboards and stunning visualizations in Tableau.

As a consultant for Tessellation, Elizabeth specializes in providing clients with future-proof data science solutions.

About Tessellation

We are a modern analytics consultancy. We enable and manage organizations’ analytics and self-service teams by educating people, optimizing technology, developing world-class products, and providing sustainable results. Curious to know how we can level up your organization’s analytics? Click here!

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