From Cocktail Shaking to Analytics Enablement: My Career Journey to Tessellation

Welcome to our “Journey to Tessellation” series, in which we’re sharing the exciting, unconventional, and innovative career paths behind our entire team of consultants. Read on to discover how Gavin Pedersen, one of our newest consultants, who began studying data science while bartending and discovered that his meticulous nature was perfect for analytics consulting.

An Obsession With Meticulosity

Growing up I wasn’t much of a “numbers guy”. Math never came easy and science was nearly impossible. Despite all of that, I’ve found myself several years into a Data and Analytics consulting career that I couldn’t be happier with. How exactly did this happen? 

The only thing I can figure is that I’ve always had an unrelenting obsession with meticulosity, which is having extreme or excessive care in the consideration of  details.

It has found its way into every area of my life. Even when I was mixing cocktails for the first few years after I finished undergrad, I drew the greatest amount of joy from scrupulously adhering to an already perfected recipe, or better yet, creating my own. 

Diving into Data Analytics

My career in data started in a relatively unique place. I taught myself SQL and enrolled in a Data Science graduate program while bartending. Shortly after starting school, I accepted a role at Best Buy corporate in the Twin Cities on one of their Business Intelligence teams. There, I became well acquainted with tools like Microsoft Power BI and Alteryx.

I started to get the same satisfactory feeling from building a well-constructed data visualization or a workflow that seamlessly executes as I did with mixing a perfectly balanced Mezcal Last Word cocktail. I realized that the most foundational skill anybody in the data industry should have is attention to detail and that my personality was well suited for that type of work.

Landing a Career in Data Analytics Consulting

After my role at Best Buy, I wrapped up my Master’s degree in Data Science, and moved to Washington D.C. to work for a different, mid-sized consultancy. It was at that organization where I was not only able to refine my data skills but also learn the art of being a good client facing consultant and partner.

I came to Tessellation because I genuinely felt like they were doing the work better than anyone else out there. Perhaps more importantly, I came here because the entire team is composed of talented, passionate, and authentic people that I felt would challenge me to continue developing.

More than any other job I’ve ever had, I truly could not be more excited to be a part of this team and return to my midwestern roots in Minneapolis, MN.  SKOL!

About Gavin Pedersen

Gavin is experienced in data analytics, business intelligence, and helping teams establish self-service solutions. He has focused his career on developing competencies in the functional aspects of his M.S. in Data Science.

Gavin began his career on Best Buy’s Order Management BI team and later transitioned to an analytics consulting firm in Washington D.C. Throughout his experience, he has helped lead teams in their analytics journey by developing solutions in Power BI and Alteryx.

As a consultant at Tessellation, Gavin specializes in self-service enablement through dashboard and workflow development.

About Tessellation

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