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  • Unlock Speedy Solutions

We rapid prototype a variety of data products to determine which ones are truly feasible.

  • Upskill Your Team

We create learning modules to uplevel your team while also tackling your analytics backlog.

  • Deploy With Confidence

We strategically optimize server management to save you time and money.

  • Simplify Your Scripts

We create custom, user-friendly programming tools that require zero coding skills to operate.

  • Gain Geospatial Insights

We advance simple mapmaking to unleash profound geospatial intelligence and analytic tools.

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  • Data Science & Machine Learning
  • Analytics & Data Visualization
  • Analytics Enablement



Assessing the Press with Sentiment Analysis

The Challenge

In order to keep up with media coverage, one Fortune 500 client needed a consistent scoring model to assess the sentiment in thousands of articles about them.

Our Solution

In just five weeks, we built a natural language processing (NLP) model using Alteryx and R. It uses over 36 predictor variables to rate brand sentiment across thousands of articles in under 15 minutes.

The Results

Thanks to our sentiment analysis tool and agile Alteryx workflow, leaders no longer need to worry about subjective article mis-grading and can protect their brand reputation long-term.

Wrangling Data and Hundreds of Hours

The Challenge

One of the largest international food and beverage companies had their analysts spending excessive hours each week updating the data processing of high-impact reports.  

Our Solution

We migrated Excel sources to utilize a central Snowflake source, and ultimately enabled analysts to update their entire report with a simple click.

The Results

Thanks to our automation, analysts now save hundreds of annual hours in processing, while also reducing reporting errors and inconsistencies.

Why Tessellation Will Win You Over

Unmatched Talent

Our industry-recognized data experts have an exceptional background
in data processing tools.

Intuitive Design

Our agile, human-centered design process iterates
on the changing needs of your data technology.

Powerful Automation

Our focus on automated solutions helps you save time and concentrate on more valuable projects.

Solving the Impossible

Our team’s extraordinary depth of knowledge allows you to explore higher-level, advanced analytics.

Future-Proof Solutions

Our data products are always designed to scale sustainably alongside your data and users.

Nick Haylund

Practice Lead & Director

Nick is one of 42 international individuals awarded Alteryx’s highest honor, the Alteryx ACE title. He is best known in the analytic industry for his community involvement within the Alteryx and Tableau communities. He’s at his best when helping others master data skills such as building data processing tools, automating routines, and exploring new ways to enrich data.

A student at heart, Nick is always working on a special side project to continue his learning and connect with others in the data community. He is a leader of the Twin Cities Alteryx User Group, co-founded ayx_builders, a community Alteryx tool-building group, and speaks regularly at data conferences around the world.

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