Building an Executive Dashboard in Tableau

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KPI Design Ideas for Tableau

KPI Design Ideas Here are 15 ideas and sources of inspiration for designing your KPIs for Tableau For a very long while I’ve been collecting KPI design ideas. Specifically, I wanted to include. For all the examples I am using … Read More

Tableau Isotype Plots

Isotype Plots in Tableau What are Isotype Plots? Isotype plots are a blend of visual language that emphasizes quantitative data with symbolism that is often associated with descriptive imagery. If you wanted to simplify it its very similar to a … Read More

Tableau Regression Models

Regression Models in Tableau Tableau recently released the MODEL_QUANTILE() and MODEL_PERCENTILE() functions in Tableau Desktop 2020.3. These are game-changing for Tableau. They finally put regression output directly in the hands of Tableau developers. Specifically, MODEL_QUANTILE() allows any creator to calculate … Read More

26 Ways to Enhance your Tables in Tableau

26 Ways to Enhance Tables in Tableau If you develop dashboards and work with data visualizations regularly, then you probably find yourself loathing the moment you are asked for a table of data. You probably think to yourself: “why do … Read More

Trellis Chart in Tableau

Trellis Chart in Tableau Consider the following line chart that shows total sales by quarter over four years and is broken down by the 17 sub-categories. Pretend you are someone in your audience for this plot. Their response will be: … Read More

Tableau Sales Funnel Template

Tableau Sales Funnel Template The Template Here’s the TL;DR version: Making a funnel chart takes time. Making a beautiful chart takes even more time. Here’s a template for you to automate everything. And here’s the original data. How to use … Read More

Six Uses for a Transparent Shape in Tableau

Six Uses for Transparent Shapes in Tableau Sometimes you need to include custom shapes for your visualizations. One useful trick in Tableau is including a completely transparent, single-pixel image as a shape on dashboards and worksheets. This shape is extremely … Read More

Getting COVID-19 Data from the Web with Tableau Prep

How to webscrape COVID-19 using Tableau Prep This blogpost is upcoming but I wanted to provide those from the GovTUG access to it early!  Tableau Prep Workflow Get JHU Data – R Script Calculate Daily values – R Script Calculate … Read More

Ultimate Guide to Tables in Tableau, Part 5: Headers

Ultimate Guide to Tables in Tableau: Headers Part 5: Custom Headers When you think about tables in general, we often don’t think about the importance that the header provides. The header can be more than a title. It can provide … Read More