Dashboard Design Best Practices-Prototyping

Dashboard Design Best Practices: Why You Should Prototype

Dashboard Design Best Practices: Why You Should Prototype When building dashboards, there’s a large part of the job that happens outside of Tableau. In a previous blog, I talked about the importance of managing user feedback and how I go … Read More

Letter #2: Analytic PenPals featuring Alteryx and Tableau Developers. What’s the hype with Tableau?

Join Autumn Battani, Tableau Expert, and Jacob Kahn, Alteryx Expert, on their pen pal adventure exploring the tools of the others expertise. Autumn and Jacob are ready to share their letters with the public in hopes that the exploration of data processing and data visualization inspires readers to take the next step in their data game. … Read More

Managing User Feedback

Managing User Feedback Performing technically is only part of the battle of professional dashboard building; another important piece is managing user feedback. The goal is to have the dashboards be as efficient and useful as possible and gathering input can … Read More

Underrated Tableau Features

Underrated Tableau Features There are a lot of resources available to read about the shining stars of Tableau, the showstoppers. This is not that blog. This is the blog for the underdogs, the little things that people often overlook that … Read More