Tessellation’s Own Tableau Zen Master

Congratulations to Luke Stanke for becoming a 2019 Tableau Zen Master! I am excited to announce that my Tessellation co-founder and friend Luke Stanke has become a Tableau Zen Master. It is a well deserved recognition for all of the … Read More

APIs and Alteryx: The Basics

APIs and Alteryx: The Basics So you want to pull data into an Alteryx workflow, but there isn’t an ODBC driver or native connector. Don’t despair! The next best option is using a custom API call to pull data into … Read More

From Archaeology to Tessellation: Alex Christensen

From Archeology to Tessellation: Alex Christensen As a kid, my two favorite things were Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Since becoming a Jedi like Luke Skywalker wasn’t a realistic goal, I decided I wanted to be an archaeologist like Indiana … Read More