Announcing Alteryx 2-Minute Tools

Over the course of January, Nick Haylund and I decided that we wanted to create a new YouTube video series covering some of the basics of Alteryx. We decided on creating Alteryx 2-Minute Tools.

So, what is Alteryx 2-Minute Tools Anyway?

Alteryx 2-Minutes tools is a free YouTube video series for Tessellation’s Data Coach product. This series is a collection of videos approximately 2 to 3 minutes in length to explain what an Alteryx tool does. 

There are over 200 tools available for Alteryx Designer and much more when you start using tools from Gallery, CReW, and the ones that you create. This can become overwhelming to new and seasoned users alike. It’s impossible to know how to use every tool. Hopefully, with this collection, any user can understand why a features tool exists, and how to get started with it.

What's Included in the Initial Release?

We are including 6 commonly used Alteryx tools in the initial release.

Input Data
Cross Tab

Ongoing Cadence

Going forward, Nick and I will each be posting a new 2-Minute Tool video each week through the end of the year. Check back with us often to learn about some Alteryx tools!

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