We are Tessellation, a modern analytics consultancy.

We enable and manage organizations' analytics and self-service teams by educating people, optimizing technology, developing world-class products, and providing sustainable results.

What We Do

Analytics Center of Excellence Support

We make clients and individuals self-sufficient in their analytics ecosystem. We are authorities in the content and training. We’ve developed a focused methodology for our clients to deploy, enhance, and manage cross-department analytics.

Data Visualization Consulting

We help conceptualize, design, build, and test world-class Tableau, PowerBI, Google Data Studio, and Looker dashboards. Our award-winning developers  create dashboards that are elegant in design, highly-performant solutions that render quickly, fully automated, and can still be utilized five years from now.

Analytics Training

We provide public and private training on modern analytics tools–such as Tableau, PowerBI, Alteryx, and Snowflake–with fully customized training materials. Our trainers have more than a decade of experience in training and in direct application of these tools.

Data Science Consulting

We work with business users to develop practical analytical models using the latest advances in machine learning in R and Python.

Analytics Managed Services

We maintain and support packages to maximize your long-term investment in Tableau, Alteryx, or other self-service tools.

Prototyping & Proof Of Value Consulting

We offer a fast-track development model that is modular, prescriptive, and grounded in best practices and decades of combined experience.

Data-Driven Business Analysts

We develop data-driven technical solutions to business problems and partner to advance a stakeholders analytics visions by defining, analyzing, and documenting requirements./p>

Upcoming Training

Data Coach Live: Alteryx Essentials

April 17th

  • FREE
  • 11AM - 2PM
  • Data Coach Live
This workshop is for Alteryx prospective and new users. It’s designed as an introduction to Alteryx for those looking to quickly understand how they could utilize the tool and provide value to their organization and community though data prep workflows.

This session is for Alteryx users of all experience levels and is designed as an introduction to Alteryx.

Data Coach Live: Tableau Essential Charts

April 17th

  • FREE
  • 11AM - 3PM
  • Data Coach Live

This workshop is for new users of Tableau who are looking to develop their Tableau skills and provide value to their organization and community though data visualization.

This session is for Tableau users of all experience levels and is designed as an introduction to Tableau.

Data Coach Live: Tableau Mastering Calculations

April 17th

  • FREE
  • 11AM - 2PM
  • Data Coach Live

This workshop is for current users of Tableau who are looking to quickly improve their existing Tableau skills and provide value to their organization and community though data visualization.

It is highly recommended that you are actively using Tableau and would consider yourself intermediate or higher skill level in Tableau.


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Who We Are

tessellation   \   noun  \  ˌte-sə-ˈlā-shən :

A repeated pattern with no gaps.

We partner with clients to change the way they interact with data and analytics tools. We transform clients into outcome-driven organizations through sustainable, repeatable processes and enable them to focus more on understanding their business and less on the process of collecting and analyzing data.

Our process is more than just providing clients with a strategy overview: it’s about coaching leaders, training analysts and data experts, creating sustainable processes, and managing and sustaining data and analytics products at the highest levels.

We’re more than technology experts.

Quality Products

Our dashboards, workflows, and data pipelines are held to a highest standard of quality. Our solutions allow end users to answer the next question.

Consistent Results

Our team is a mix of award-winning industry leaders and top young talent who are out to prove their skills. We help craft a roadmap and get to solutions quickly.

Cost Conscious

Our distributed network of consultants and unique blend of on-site and remote work allows organizations to utilize top-tier professionals at a lower cost.

Efficient Workflow

We combine our hard working, talented team with agile processes to get to results faster.

Meaningful Partners

Because we are boutique, we recognize the importance of strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients and their employees. We want to provide the results you need.

Tenets to Our Approach

#1. Channel ideas into results.

Creating successful data products like dashboards involves ideas from many different stakeholders. To channel those ideas, our team uses a design thinking process. The design process helps ensure that a design satisfies all such considerations. The process seeks to generate a number of possible solutions and utilizes various techniques or mechanisms that encourage stakeholders to think outside the box in the pursuit of innovative, actionable solutions.

#2. Create products for end users.

With input coming from many directions it’s easy to get lost in the process of creating data products. We stay grounded by focusing on the needs of end users. Whether it’s output from an algorithm or a dashboard, our products  enable end users and maximize results for the organization.

#3. Remain highly aligned.

All along the way, we like to make sure our sponsors are highly aligned throughout the engagement. It is very important to us that our consultants communicate frequently to our project stakeholders about where the project stands so surprises are rare. For large engagements, we establish steering committees to ensure visibility and executive support which accelerates change.


#4. Embrace agility.

We believe that organizations should embrace at least some parts of the Agile approach. We like to use one- or two-week time boxes to produce results, minimize risk, and deliver rapid change. Through this agile process, cross-functional teams should meet daily to discuss progress to reduce slower communication methods. Through communication and documentation these tasks should be documented using project management tools for efficient, transparent communication within teams, across teams, and to managers and executives.

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