Our People

Our People

We are growing rapidly and would love for you to join our team. If you want to be a member of a smart, fast-moving team, check out our open positions.

Alex Christensen


Alex is passionate about holistically enabling true business self-sufficiency around analytics. He focuses on creating an entire environment where his clients can succeed. This includes staple technologies around data visualization and data preparations, but also includes integrated technology environment where these technologies live. Alex enables more effective center-of-excellence deployment through focusing on development best practices, process optimization, strategy, and customized training. He has robust experience across the entire business intelligence stack, but specializes in both Tableau and Alteryx.

Baxter Boe


Baxter graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering. He gravitated naturally towards consulting, exhibiting the uncommon ability to be both technically adept and able to communicate, collaborate, and execute with clients.

Luke Stanke, PhD


Luke is a world-renown data visualization and advanced analytics expert. He holds a PhD from the University of Minnesota and his work regularly inspires the analytics community. He co-leads a world-wide Tableau community event Workout Wednesday. Luke is the mastermind of our analytics training offering and has proven experience growing a user base quickly–as evidenced by his previous work enabling over 1,000 Tableau Desktop users. Luke has also built out data science capabilities from scratch at multiple organizations.

Shaun Davis


Shaun is driven by a passion for problem solving. He seeks to enable organizations to harness the value within their data. Organizing and connecting facets of disparate bodies of data, including geospatial information, he seeks to form sustainable ways for clients to efficiently extract, organize, visualize, and use their data. His experience within transportation and health insurance industries enables him to help organizations of all kinds develop and refine their analytics capabilities. Shaun believes that communicating data clearly and concisely can open pathways for organizations to reach their potential and meet their goals.

Steve Fenn


Steve’s widely varied background and interests gives him a rare blend of technical expertise and substantial breadth of knowledge. A theater major – turned salesman – turned consultant, Steve has been training analysts in the proper use of Tableau and creating his own visualizations since 2011.


Tableau is both Steve’s job and primary hobby, but he also enjoys going on hikes and bike rides with his family and following sports, primarily soccer and basketball.

John Emery


John joined Tessellation in November 2018, after spending the prior several years as a business intelligence analyst and operations researcher for the US Army, where he performed data post-processing on combat simulations. He graduated from Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2014 with a MS in Quantitative Finance, and has a BS in Geography from the University of South Florida.


Outside of Tableau, John spends much of his time shooting film with his large format camera, and is big into trivia (he did lose on Jeopardy, after all).

Aidan Bramel


Aidan graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BSB in Management Information Systems. After graduating, she dove head-first into self-service analytics in a role that required her to deploy a new Alteryx Server while continuing to enable over 45,000 Tableau Server users with a variety of use cases and data security needs. The bulk of her experience is focused on training, processes, and enablement across both Tableau and Alteryx platforms. She is passionate about introducing new ways to solve problems that users previously thought unsolvable.


Outside of work, Aidan enjoys cooking and baking, traveling, indoor cycling, and trying to get cast on “Survivor.”

Alicia Bembenek, PhD


Alicia has spent her entire career teaching others and working with data. She was first a psychology professor and researcher, before discovering her passion for the field of data visualization. Her background in psychology still impacts her interests though. Alicia is most curious about two particular topics: How can we design data to more effectively communicate with others? When and how can charts change behavior?

Before joining the team at Tessellation, Alicia was a Tableau trainer for an online data visualization academy. She is happy to be a part of the Tessellation team, where she can continue to learn new Tableau tips and tricks every day, share what she has learned, and connect with others in the data visualization community.

Spencer Baucke


Spencer joined Tessellation in February 2019 from GE Digital. Spencer has several years of experience turning data into action ranging from being involved in one of the country’s first Tableau based open data portals for a city government to digitally enabling education non-profits to identify trends and insights using Tableau. Spencer is a 9x Tableau Viz of the Day winner, Tableau Featured Author, and co-founder of Tableau initiative #SportsVizSunday. Spencer specializes in building Tableau dashboards and analytics that help end users understand their data in a holistic manner.  Spencer holds degrees in Economics (BA) from the University of Colorado and Finance (MS) from the University of Cincinnati. 
Outside of work Spencer enjoying working out, spending time with his family, and attending FC Cincinnati games. 

Tina Boe


Tina is a third year student in the Daniel’s College of Business at the University of Denver. She is majoring in Business Information and Analytics. She is passionate about extending her knowledge of data processing and analytics to further her education and gain experience with more advanced data visualization tools.

Outside of work, Tina is a member of the University of Denver Women’s Volleyball Team  and she serves as the Vice President of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with here team, cooking , hiking in the mountains, and exploring downtown Denver.

Candice Munroe

Tessellation Partner

Candi runs her own consultancy in Toronto, Canada and is a Partner of Tessellation. She is passionate about data and helping people understand data in a meaningful way. She started as a pharmacist but her innate problem-solving skills and thirst for knowledge led her down the data path. Although she has previously worked in other tools, Candi prefers the Tableau ‘way’ and achieved her Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate in March of 2018. She enjoys mentoring people to reveal their data potential as others in the Tableau community have encouraged her. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family and cuddling her Golden Retriever.